Pip’s Original

Like storm chasers in Subarus instead of SUVs, Portlanders flock to the newest, hottest restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. While at Pip’s Original, a woman asked us how we first heard about Pip’s. She wondered if we had learned about the doughnut and coffee shop from Urbanspoon. Coincidentally, I was checking out Pip’s for Citysearch, whose parent company owns Urbanspoon.

How people find out about new establishments is irrelevant. Portlanders are keen; if the place is packed, it’s almost always a good sign.

Pip’s stands up to the hype, and of course, was bustling on arrival. Made-fresh doughnuts were streaming out at a steady pace as families gathered around tables. 

The doughnuts come to life in 100% soy shortening, so they aren’t greasy, just ever so crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside.

Order the fluffy, not-too-sweet honey and sea salt or cinnamon sugar doughnuts by the dozen and you’ll be delighted you chased this one down in overdrive.

Also available: Extracto Coffee, along with house-made Chai tea lattes and the view of an impressive cacti collection.

Pip’s Original is at 4759 NE Fremont St. #C, Portland