Upcoming Drinking Adventures in Bogotá

When I’m about to visit a new country the first thing I research is food and drink. The second is outdoor activities. Before my trek to Laos in 2008, I read about Laotian rice whisky called Lao-Lao and had flashbacks to drinking Everclear in Iowa. My first inclination was that it would have too much kick, and would cause a crippling hangover. Neither of these were true for Lao-Lao.

Many of my fondest memories of Thailand include Chang beer. I’ll never forget paying over $30 for 12-pack of Victoria Bitter in Melbourne. There wasn’t a beach I sat on in Puerto Rico without a Gasolina Urban Blends® ready-to-drink alcoholic pouch in hand. It turns out I’ve been photographing my drinks even before I was writing for a drink publication.

I leave for Bogotá in 20 days and first on my list of drinks to try is Colombia’s aguardiente, which is an anise-flavoured liqueur derived from sugarcane. The hangover part might be more feasible in the Andes with all of that elevation but that’s why I plan on sleeping with Aborrajado (deep fried plantains stuffed with cheese) by my bedside.

Tell me…what else should I eat and drink in Colombia?