10 Signs You Might Be The Company Slob

If you have been in the workforce for any number of years, you’ve likely had to hide at least one bad habit from your coworkers. Every once in a while though — and especially for the closet slobs out there — bouts of untidiness creep out.

Are you guilty of any of these 10 signs of utter slobbiness? You might be the company slob.

1. The entire office space is up for grabs during nap time, including common areas, breakrooms, or even under your desk.

2. Sheer terror is bestowed upon your coworkers at just the thought of having to find something on your desk. Panic attacks have occurred at the sight of an open desk drawer.

3. Fruit flies congregate above your cubicle for their own “water cooler” chats.

4. What is that there? Must be a piece of caramel popcorn from yesterday’s bi-hourly snack! In the pie hole it goes!

5. So many of your belongings have “found their way” into other corners of the office that your coworkers think it’s time for the company-wide coat drive again.

6. The last time you dusted your desk, the computer on top of it was an orange iMac.

7. Even Mike the company bulldozer won’t touch your lunches in the fridge.

8. Acts of hygienic upkeep or personal relaxation are commonplace.

9.  WAIT. There’s a dishwasher in the break room?

10. “Business casual” is a mindset, more so than a “look”.

The upside to the occasional sloppiness is that if you work hard and make a valiant effort in your day-to-day tasks, your coworkers may be more forgiving…right guys?

Article via Staffing Robot