Best Sources for Free Stock Photos

Most small businesses don’t have an enormous budget to begin with, so spending $50-$100 on a stock photo just isn’t going to happen. Regardless of budget, stunning photos are available for FREE.

Here are some great resources for sourcing free photos to use on your blog or social media.


Check the attribution requirements for using these photos. Websites like Pexels and Unsplash don’t require attribution, but some do.

  • Pixabay – Ignore the Shutterstock photos mixed in
  • Refe – People interacting with technology in a natural way
  • Pexels – More abstract, outdoorsy photos
  • Death to the Stock Photo – You can sign up for photos to be send to your inbox
  • Unsplash – More artsy, outdoor, abstract — less tech
  • Morgue File –Tech photos here can be cheesy. Might take some searching but OK source.
  • PicJumbo – Photography by solo photographers
  • Magdeleine – Great photos of people
  • Shopify – well photographed images not found elsewhere on the web. Licensed for commercial purposes (thanks for this recommendation Ellie!).

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