4 Ways to Ensure Your Business Gets the Most Out of Blogging


Blogging can be a bit like the Y2K hysteria of 1999. Blogging makes logical sense, it has amassed followers but it’s still vastly misunderstood. Many viewed the Y2K bug as merely a computer-related issue while others predicted it was the end of the world.

Some companies see blogging as a logical business-related expense while other organizations live and die by the blog. Your company likely falls somewhere in between—and if so— I have some tips for your company to get the most out of blogging.

Decide the Purpose of Your Blog


You’ve read all about how a blog for your business can drive traffic and produce leads but if you don’t have an overall purpose or goal for your blog your efforts might not be worth the time and money spent.

For example, if you decide you want to use your blog to get more hits to your website, the best way may be to establish your company as the expert by creating shareable, helpful and entertaining content.

With ROI for blogging front of mind, companies will often decide the purpose of the blog should be sales. There’s a quote I love: “If you focus on how your content will help your business instead of your customers, you’ll likely wind up wondering where you went wrong.” While sales leads can definitely be a goal for the blog, don’t forget what your audience wants: relevant, trustworthy content.

If you’re paying someone to generate content because you heard it was what other companies are doing—it might not be a good use of your money—especially if you haven’t pinned down a purpose. The purpose of your blog might be a direct sale, a lead, hits to your website, or just retention. Until you decide why you’re blogging, it will be hard to measure its worth.

Need help deciding the purpose of your blog? Check out this infographic I helped make while at Staffing Robot, “How to Achieve Your Marketing Goals Through Blogging.

Make Sure Your Website Has a Good Foundation


Blogging can be intimidating especially when “experts” tell you that you need all of these crazy keywords and SEO tricks. While you will want to do keyword research in order to rank, you’ll also need a website that is Google-friendly.

If you’re paying someone to blog for your company and the website is slow, isn’t mobile and you haven’t done basic SEO, the blog posts won’t perform as well they could and won’t help your reach in any measurable way. You can hire the best blogger on the internet but without a good foundation, it’ll be hard to see a real return on what you’ve invested in blogging.

Value the Imagery on Your Blog


Ask yourself these three questions when selecting photos for your blog posts:

1. Is it emotionally authentic? Is that excitement convincing or off-putting?
2. Is it happening in a real place? Like an office. How many stock photos have we seen of business person hanging out, arms crossed in white space. Where are they? Not in real life.
3. Do these people look convincing? Or do they just look like stock photo models?

Valuing the photos on your blog doesn’t mean you need to spend money! It just means you need to invest a few more minutes of your day using the right resources.

Pixabay is a great source or check out some of my favorite sources here.

Contribute. Even If You’re Paying Someone to Blog For You


If your idea of blogging is paying a blogger to never talk to you or ask you questions about our business, then you’re wasting your money. And you’re blowing it.

I hate being harsh (you know I just want the best for you) but I have to be frank. Blogging should be extension of your marketing plan and if you want mass produced, thoughtless blog posts — it reflects directly on your company.

Yes, writers who work for publications come up with all of the ideas on their own and pitch them to editors but because often the pitches are about real people with real stories (just like your company), it takes feedback from the editor and contribution from sources. Throw your writer or blogger a bone and your readers will thank you.

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This is a modified post from 2016 written by Karen Locke for Staffing Robot.

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