Happy Hour Crawl: Central Eastside and Inner Southeast

Industrial, dark and vast, Central Eastside and Inner Southeast present both rugged and refined happy hour options. Whether it’s a winery, outdoor-obsessed brewery, neighborhood bar, or swanky cocktails you seek, you’ll find them in this often overlooked area of Portland. When the clock strikes five, check out these drinking establishments for the best deals and most charismatic surroundings. – See more at: http://portland.thedrinknation.com/articles/read/11925-Happy-Hour-Crawl-Central-Eastside-and-Inner-Southeast

Photos by Mary Locke. Top center Base Camp Brewing photo by Karen Locke.

Best Boozy Moments At Feast Portland

All-stars and celebrity chefs of the modern culinary world took over downtown Portland for Feast last weekend. Game-changers in the food scene weren’t alone in showing their best creations — mixologists, brewers, and winemakers were along for the ride, showing off new products and unexplored pairings and combinations. Here are four of our favorite boozy happenings at Feast 2013.

Country Cat’s Pairing with Widmer Brotherscountrycatwidmer

Not only did The Country Cat restaurant take home the people’s choice award for its lamb burger at the Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational, the crowd favorite came up with a stellar pairing by serving Widmer Brothers Steel Bridge Porter (5.6% ABV) with its savory and sweet little burgers.

Clear Creak Distillery’s Hood River Iced Tea

clearcreekClear Creek Distillery combined Steven Smith Fez Green Tea with its own pear brandy, liqueur, and Douglas Fir Eau de Vie along with fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, and Oregon-grown spearmint leaves. Served over ice, this jacked iced tea was optimal for sipping during the Feast USA Pears Night Market presented by Snake River Farms.

Sake Cider by Sake One


Sake One may be one of the largest distributers of sake in the nation, but when it comes to a fresh tasting cocktail using local ingredients the company brings it back home with its Sake Cider served at the Night Market. To make your own Sake Cider, infuse Hot Lips Pear soda with allspice berries for an hour. Remove the berries and mix with Oregon-made Moonstone Asian Pear.

Underwood Canned Wine by Union Wine Co.

Union Wine Co., maker of Underwood, Kings Ridge, and Alchemist aspires to end wine snobbery with its line of Underwood canned wines. Wine-Os at the Sandwich Invitational got a first glimpse into a new trend in wine drinking: keeping those pinkies down.


The canned wine hasn’t hit store shelves yet but we’ll keep you posted when it becomes available. Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia says it best when it comes to canned wine:

“I think it’s brilliant. I mean I’m active, I’m gesturing with my hands, and I don’t feel restricted. If I was holding a wine glass right now I’d be spilling wine all over the god damn place.”


via Drink Portland

10 Essential Hangover Cures in Portland

We all have our own methods for curing aliments after a night of drinking: aspirin, more sleep, Gatorade or even a hair-of-the-dog drink (or three). However you bring yourself back to life, it shouldn’t be done by yourself. No more using that Popeye’s biscuit to wipe away your tears all by your lonesome — pal up, head out and let these 10 Portland businesses aid in your recovery.

Hangover Central at Swift LoungeThe folks at this NE Broadway District spot may have have had a hangover two of their own, judging from the on the bar’s brilliant execution of the Hangover Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM–3 PM. Alleviate your pain or just mask it, whichever you prefer. Nothing soaks up booze like a Monte Cristo made of three dredged brioche layers. Done suffering? Order the “Where is My Car?” from the “Bitchy Marys” section. It’s made of fresh mango, blood orange puree, carrot juice, pina-habanero-infused vodka and Emergen C vitamins, with a chili-salt rim (1932 NE Broadway; 503-288-33330).

Hair-of-the-dog drinks at Gruner: Those who have a “weekend” day off that actually falls between Monday–Friday canhead downtown to Gruner, where the cocktail menu is available starting at 11:30 AM daily.Try the Austrian Monk made from Monopolowa Austrian gin, Yellow Chartreuse, celery and lemon (527 SW 12th Ave.; 503-241-7163).

Bloody Mary at Holman’s Bar & Grill: If Boodies are your go-to hangover fix this longtime resident of the now up-and-coming restaurant scene of SE 28th Avenue is the place to be on a Sunday. There are 50 mixes to choose from and over 100 hot sauces to restart your whiskey-soaked endorphins (15 28th Ave.; 503-231-1093).

Breakfast pizza from Sizzle Pie: For just $6, you get a “morning after” special that consists of a slice of one of multiple breakfast pizzas plus the alcoholic brunch drink of your choice (624 E. Burnside St. or 926 W. Burnside; 503-234-PIES).

Bottomless mimosas at Club 21For $10 you can forget about your hangover, and last night too.  The bottomless bubbly is only available on Saturdays and Sundays and the bartender will kindly (and for your own good) cut you off by 2 PM — just enough time for a nap in the park before happy hour (2035 NE Glisan St.; 503-235-5690).

Pho from Ha VL Sandwich: Maybe it’s the spiciness. Maybe it’s the ginger root, or the savory broth. It doesn’t matter why — pho from Ha LV on SE 82nd Avenue just works magic on a hangover (2738 SE 82nd Ave. #102; 503-772-0103).

Squirt on tap and greasy breakfast from My Father’s PlaceWhether or not you regularly drink soda, the sugar and carbonation can work wonders on a gnarly hangover, especially if you add the optional vodka. Give the greasy breakfast fare a good college try (523 SE Grand Ave.; 503-235-5494).

Stuff yourself at Cameo Café: This breakfast spot on the corner of NE 81st and Sandy Boulevard is the only place to order a “full acre” of hotcakes. The half-acre will only cost you $6.95, a fair price for such a massive amount of cake (8111 NE Sandy Blvd.; 503-284-0401).

Soak and steam out the booze at Common Ground Wellness CenterWe know what you’re thinking, being hot and sweaty while hungover is awful, but try it just once and you’ll understand rejuvenation on a whole different level. Either that, or you’ll be shamed out of drinking that night by all of the healthy, vibrant looking people around you (5010 NE 33rd Ave.; 503-238-1065).

Keep it classy at Little Bird BistroJust because you’re hung over doesn’t mean you can’t keep it classy. This French-style downtown bistro opens for lunch Monday–Friday at 11:30 AM and offers “Just a Sip” sized cocktails like the Half Martini (vodka or gin) for just $4 (219 SW 6th Ave.; 503-688-5952).

– See more at: http://portland.thedrinknation.com/articles/read/11146-10-Essential-Hangover-Cures-in-Portland

Monte Cristo from Swift Lounge

ChickPeaDX Cart Hosts Pop-Up Events, Will Settle on N. Interstate


Even as a man behind the scenes of many of Portland’s best restaurants (Paley’s Place, Clyde Common, Beaker and Flask, Imperial)—Yair Maidan had to think outside of the metal box for his first solo venture, a falafel cart called ChickPeaDX.

Instead of a soft opening at the cart, Maidan organized pop-up events with Portland Penny Diner and Boke Bowl in which Maidan and his small staff took over the closed restaurants to serve the cart’s falafel for the first time.

Now, after two test runs, the Northwest influenced falafel cart will park it in the lot of the Homebrew Exchange at 6550 Interstate Avenue. ChickPeaDX will serve falafel available three ways: in a pita (white or wheat), on a bed of greens or in a Bahn Mi roll. All falafel is served with house-made tahini, a zesty tomato and cucumber salad, carrot ribbons, shaved cabbage and fired eggplant.

Maidan’s cart hopes to shine a spotlight on chickpeas, as an “under recognized regional product,” and while the Middle Eastern fritters certainly take center stage, there’s a rising star (think, Elizabeth Olsen): the remarkable “Amba” sauce made from spicy pickled mango. Anyone else smell a bottling contract with New Seasons in the air?

*Photo via ChickPeaDX”s Facebook page.